Arnold Press Exercise | Benefits and Muscle Work of Arnold Press

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss a very good topic. Today in this topic we are going to talk about Arnold press exercise. This exercise is done mainly for shoulder muscle and on the day when we do shoulder workouts, we perform this exercise on this day. We have explained below that our major and minor muscles will be trained by doing the Arnold press.

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arnold press

Arnold Press is a comprehensive exercise that helps a lot in training the shoulder muscles. There are many other exercises for the shoulder muscle, out of which the Arnold press comes to the best exercise, which is a very effective exercise for our shoulder blades. With this exercise, there is a lot of load on our interior delt and rear delt, due to which the chances of our muscle building increase a lot.

This is such an exercise in which you cannot take much load. The most similar exercise to this exercise is the dumbbell shoulder press, in which we can lift more weight than the Arnold press because out of the two exercises, the exercise that is more loaded is the Arnold press.

This exercise also puts a load on our upper chest due to which our upper chest becomes fuller and at the same time, our triceps muscle also gets a lot of loads. I hope you all understand my point very well. Although there are many benefits of this exercise, it is enough for you to know these benefits and when you regularly bring this exercise into your routine, then you will slowly start to understand that there are many more benefits in this exercise.


arnold press

People make many mistakes in doing this exercise, like if we come down with round dumbbells, then we do not take its momentum well, the biggest mistake is that our shoulder blades are not trained properly because of this. Our muscles are not able to mature much.

The second mistake is that when we do this exercise, we take the dumbbell too far, because of this, our body is not able to balance and the chances of injury increase a lot, so I will tell you that if you are a beginner If so, take special care that you try not to make mistakes so that you can avoid injury.

How To Do Arnold Press

When you perform this exercise, especially keep in mind that you have to do this exercise in a proper way, or else you make a small mistake and become a victim of injury. Most people do wrong exercises, the result of which is that they are not able to develop their muscles in the way they want. There are many things that have to be kept in mind while doing the exercise, like if you perform this Arnold press exercise.

first of all, you have to keep dumbbells on both your feet, after that, you have to take support of the feet one by one. Both the dumbbells have to be brought up to the top of your shoulder. After that, we have to force the dumbbells upwards and take them up after rotating the round, then after rotating the round, we have to stop it in front of the face, in the same way, you have to perform this exercise. I hope you have understood this very well

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