Hip Thrust Exercise | Benefits | Right Way To Do

Hip Thrust Exercise, Every exercise is very important for your day-to-day life. One of the exercises for which we are going to grow our knowledge is the hip thrust. If you are a gym person then hip thrusts are one of the most major exercises you should do. Basically, this is a lower-body exercise affecting the glutes. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits, the correct way to do and the mistakes made by most people while doing hip thrusts.


Let’s first talk about the benefits of doing hip thrusts. This exercise is also known by the name hip thruster. It is basically a lower-body exercise. This exercise especially activated your gluteal muscles. And also it works upon the gluteus medius, gluteus Maximus and gluteus minimus. If you are on the correct path of doing the hip thruster then this exercise can also work on the muscles of your legs and lower back like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and abductors also.


Here we are going to tell you about some very common mistakes that most people do while performing hip thrusts.

When people are going to start the hip thrust they just so tightly put their whole force on the ground and it looks like an ad of the is throwing the floor forward. By doing this they are not focusing on their glutes they are focused on their legs and they are not applying force to the weight by their torso and core but they are applying force through their legs.

People need to find the correct height of the bech according to their height. If the height of the bench is low or high then it might result in a problem. Like it can result in upper back problems or pain. When people go through the perfect then they see a lot many changes and fast results on their gluteal muscles.

Placing the feet on the correct spot. See, there is a perfect position for everything maybe in exercises or you take the example of the things kept at home. Placing your feet too close to your hips will give results to your quads. It becomes a major quad-dominant exercise therefore, placing your feet away from the glutes makes it gives results on the hamstring though it becomes a hamstring-dominant Hip Thrust exercise.


Now we gonna tell you the right way to do the hip thrusters. So always first of all gi with a weight that you can handle an excess of weight may result in injury and you would 9r be able to do hip thrusts with an excess of weight hence, less weight will give no results to your glutes even if you make a thousand reps they won’t give results to your glutes for this Hip Thrust Exercise.

Never ever put the load of the weight on your legs put the load of weight on your glutes and your torso. Putting the weight on the legs won’t be able show results on your glutes same comes with the ground never throw off your load on the ground. Always place your feet in the right position not too far nor too close they may slow or even fade your results. Always find the perfect height of the bench according to your height. Neither too low nor too high may result in upper back aches or injuries.

Whenever next time you go for hip thrust exercise always keep in mind these points they may help you make fewer mistakes and train your glutes better.

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