How much does fiverr take as a Fee? | Fiverr Fees Explained

Most important question, How much does fiverr take?. Let me explain about fiverr fees. Fiverr is one of the best platforms for freelancing, where around 3.42 million people are active buyers. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is important to know how the platform works, and whether or not it is successful on Fiverr.

Here answer of how much fee does fiverr take. Fiverr charges a 20% fee on all of your earnings as a seller for its platform usage. This means that for every $10 you earn from an order, you will have to pay $2 as a fee. This is the same whether you are a seller or not, and Fiverr also charges a 5.5% fee on all orders to buyers.

Fiverr is a business that operates with the help of its shareholders and therefore needs to generate revenue. In this context, we will take a look at the fees charged by Fiverr for both buyers and sellers, and before understanding the details, it is important to understand how the platform compares to others like Upwork.

Before start explain today topic about how much money does fiverr take, most ask question is that is fiverr free to use? So Fist, let me explain.

Is Fiverr Free To Use?

Fiverr is online marketplace and is free to use, and anyone can create an account as a buyer or a seller without any charges. However, when you make transactions as a buyer (5.5% of the transaction amount) and as a seller (20% of the transaction amount) there are fees to keep in mind. There are no other account fees.

Although the fees imply that using Fiverr is technically free, the platform charges service fees instead of usage fees. Creating an account is free and if you don’t use it for buying or selling any gig, you will not be charged any fee. However, when you withdraw your earnings from Fiverr, you may be charged fees as well and we will look into those fees in more detail below. But first, let’s focus on the fee charged by Fiverr to sellers.

So, I am going talk about Does Fiverr Take A Cut, the most important topic which is searched, let me explore it.

How much does fiverr take out of your earning?

Fiverr fees are both sides from buyer and also from seller. Fiverr charges a 20% fee on your earnings. The main source of revenue for Fiverr is its transaction-based fee model. In simpler terms, Fiverr charges fees from both buyers (5.5%) and sellers (20%) of freelance services on the platform to generate income.

Fiverr charges fees in the same way as any other freelance platform business does, to keep the platform running. There is no difference whether you are selling a few gigs or many, Fiverr will always take a cut from your earnings, but this cut will be the same whether you make one sale or 100 sales.

Does Fiverr Take A Cut of Tips?

Fiverr charges a 20% fee on all tips, just like it does on all other earnings. There are no fees for buyers when it comes to tips, but when buyers leave a tip, Fiverr includes it in the total order amount before taking its usual 20% fee. Here is question, does fiverr always take 20%? Let me explore.

Does Fiverr Always Take 20%?

Fiverr always charges a 20% fee on your earnings. However, Fiverr only charges this fee when an order is marked as complete. Fiverr bases this fee on the total amount of the completed order.

The implication is that you will not see the full amount of your earnings on Fiverr and will only receive 80% of the total order amount, as Fiverr takes a 20% fee when the order is marked as complete.

This means that once the buyer is satisfied with the work and does not require any further revisions, they can mark the order as complete. If the buyer does not mark the order as complete, the order will automatically be marked as complete after three days. However, it is important to note that buyers can open disputes within the first two weeks after an order is marked as complete.

I am talking about fiverr fees. Now, I am going to talk about how much does fiverr take from sellers and also how much does fiverr take from buyers.

How much does fiverr take from sellers 2023

Fiverr takes a 20% commission from sellers, meaning that for every $5 you sell, you will actually receive $4. This commission rate does not change based on how many sales you make, whether you sell one item for $1000 or 100 items for $10 each, Fiverr will take 20% commission and you will receive 80% of the sale price.

While a 20% fee may seem high, the good news is that it does not add to your expenses or decrease your earnings. This Fiverr fee model is similar to those of its competitors.

Sellers can avoid from fiverr fees?

As a seller, you cannot avoid Fiverr charges because they are the fees that Fiverr charges for using their platform to earn money. The 20% fee is the cost of using the platform and covers expenses such as maintaining the website and data storage, and is necessary for Fiverr to run its business.

It is not possible for sellers to avoid Fiverr fees as they are taken as a commission for using the platform. The 20% fee is necessary for the platform to cover its operating costs and ensure the protection of both buyers and sellers. Attempting to bypass the charges by accepting payments through other means can result in account deactivation and the inability to sell on the platform again. It is important to note that Fiverr only accepts payments through its platform to ensure the safety and security of transactions for both parties.

How much does fiverr take from buyers?

Fiverr fees a service fee of 5.5% to buyers. This fee is 5.5% of the order total if it is more than $50, and an additional $2 for orders less than $50 as a “small order fee”. Fiverr always charges this fee regardless of what you are buying or who you are buying from.

As a seller on Fiverr, you will be charged a 20% service fee on each transaction. So, if you complete a gig for $5, Fiverr will take $1 and you will be left with $4.

The goal of Fiverr is to make buying and selling online services as easy as buying and selling physical goods, by connecting freelancers and buyers and minimizing the hassle in the transaction process.

Fiverr charges a fee for its services to both buyers and sellers. The platform provides technical support and has a team dedicated to this purpose. This team needs to be compensated, so Fiverr needs to charge fees to cover their expenses.

Buyers can avoid from fiverr fees?

As a buyer, you cannot avoid Fiverr fees. Fiverr is a business that charges fees in this manner. Fiverr charges a 5.5% fee to buyers and this is considered a service fee that you pay to benefit from the large number of freelancers available on Fiverr.

Attempting to make payments outside of the platform can result in account suspension. Fiverr only allows payments through their platform as it is the only way for them to ensure the safety and security of transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Other fees to be consider on fiverr

As a seller on Fiverr, you may be subject to various fees such as bank charges, and wire transfer fees in addition to Fiverr’s service fee. The fees vary depending on your location and the payment method you choose. When withdrawing funds from Fiverr, you can expect to pay fees. Following are payment method’s when you want to withdraw your money on Fiverr:

  • Payoneer – Fiverr charges a $1 fee for every withdrawal made to Payoneer, regardless of the amount being withdrawn.
  • PayPal – $0 fee
  • Direct Deposit – $1 per transfer (US only)
  • Local Bank Transfer – $3 per transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card – Fiverr offers the Revenue Card globally, with the exception of India and Russia. There is no fee charged by Fiverr for this card as the fees are handled by MasterCard.

How Else Does Fiverr Make Money?

Fiverr earns a larger portion of its income through service and transaction fees. Additionally, they also sell subscriptions and online courses.

iverr offers unlimited work space subscription for sellers. The subscription price is $24 per month or $216 per year. Unlimited subscription sellers have access to customizable agreements, business perks, priority support, on-demand brand assets, and more.

This plan is primarily for businesses that sell through Fiverr. They will be given more incentive to leave other free-lance marketplaces and build their client base when they use the Fiverr’s platform.

Fiverr allows them to use Fiverr as a project management tool and encourages them to keep their client base on the platform, which is already associated with all their clients

As of today, the value of Fiverr is approximately $4 billion. In 2020, Fiverr reported an annual revenue of $189.5 million. As a result, the company experienced a total loss of $14.8 million in 2020. This clearly shows the impact of the pandemic on the online marketplace industry. However, Fiverr charges a 25% fee on each order and this could also be a contributing factor to the company’s loss.

Fiverr also make money by promoting Gigs,, Courses and findings.

Promoting Gigs

In addition to Fiverr’s fees, there are several other ways buyers and sellers can save money on the platform. For example, Fiverr offers additional features such as additional promotion options for sellers to promote their gigs. Buyers can opt to purchase these promotions and Fiverr charges them based on the number of clicks the ad receives on a monthly basis.

Fiverr has also created several related products. One of them is AND.CO, which is a rival of G Suite (now Google Workspace) and provides a suite of tools for freelancers. AND.CO’s goal is to help freelancers manage their administrative tasks such as invoicing, drafting contracts, and time tracking. While some basic features are free, AND.CO charges a monthly subscription fee for access to its full suite of tools and support.


Fiverr also offers related courses through Fiverr Learn. These are short courses taught by top-rated Fiverr Pros and other experts, and typically start at around $24. They are specifically designed to help freelancers acquire new skills and advance their careers.


In addition to its revenue streams, Fiverr also generates income through funding rounds. Since its launch in 2010, it has raised approximately $111 million in funding from venture capital firms.

Is Fiverr Worth It For Freelancers Despite The Fees?

Fiverr can be a useful platform for freelancers despite the fees it charges. The 20% fee that Fiverr takes can seem high, but it’s worth remembering that getting 80% of something is still better than getting nothing. However, if you’re already a well-established freelancer with a long list of clients, or if your services require a lot of follow-up and ongoing work, or if you don’t need the tools and features provided by the Fiverr platform, then you may choose to avoid using Fiverr.

Whether or not Fiverr is a good fit for you as a freelancer will depend on several factors such as your level of experience, your pricing, and what you’re looking to achieve. If you are providing physical services, Fiverr may not be the best platform for you. However, if you are a new freelancer offering digital services within a wide range of services, Fiverr can be a great platform to grow and expand your freelancing career.

Here are some comparison of fiverr fees to other freelance marketplace and decide fiverr is best for you or not.

Comparison of fiverr fees as compared to other websites

PlatformFreelancer feesClient feesNotes
Fiverr20% on all orders5.5% on all orders
$2 additional
charge on orders
under $50
Blanket fees no matter
your earnings
Upwork20% for $0-500
10% for $500.01-10,000
5% for $10,000+
3% for eligible US
clients paying via ACH
It depends on the
individual client and
their specific needs.
It is not one-size-fits-all.
People per hour
20% for $0-350
7.5% for $350.01-7,000
3.5% for $7,000+
10% + $0.70Prices vary depending on
the individual case,
not just for overall income or individual clients.
Freelancer.com10% or $5
10% per milestone for
hourly rate jobs
3% or $3
3% per milestone
for hourly rate jobs
Prices remain the same,
but vary depending
on individual expenses.

You can check comparison of fiverr charges as compared to other freelance marketplace, you will find the platform which is best for you.


In this article details explanation of how much does fiverr take fees. But in conclusion, Fiverr charges a fee of 20% on each transaction made on the platform. This fee is taken from the total amount that the buyer pays for a gig, and is not added on top of the gig price. The seller receives the remaining 80% of the total amount.


What is fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers and small businesses with clients who need their services. The platform allows users to browse and purchase a wide range of services, such as graphic design, writing, programming, and more.

I want to know about fiverr fees?

Fiverr charges a fee of 20% on each transaction made on the platform. This fee is taken from the total amount that the buyer pays for a gig, and is not added on top of the gig price. The seller receives the remaining 80% of the total amount. This fee is used to cover the costs of running and maintaining the platform, as well as providing various services such as dispute resolution and buyer protection.

Is selling on Fiverr worth it?

Selling on Fiverr can be worth it for some individuals, depending on their skills, services offered, and target market. Fiverr is a large and well-established platform with a wide range of buyers and a diverse range of services available. It can be a great way for freelancers and small business owners to reach new customers and make money from their skills. However, it’s worth noting that like with any online platform, competition can be high and earning a steady income may not be guaranteed. Therefore, it’s important to research the market and see if your services align with the needs of buyers on the platform.

Why Fiverr fee is so high?

Fiverr charges a fee of 20% on each transaction made on the platform, which might be considered high by some individuals. However, this fee is used to cover the costs of running and maintaining the platform, as well as providing various services such as dispute resolution and buyer protection. Additionally, Fiverr’s fee is standard in the industry and comparable to other similar online marketplaces. It is also worth noting that Fiverr’s fee is only taken from the total amount that the buyer pays for a gig and is not added on top of the gig price. The seller will receive 80% of the total amount.

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